Until further notice, we have postponed the collection of plastic at all of our centers because of the Covid19 pandemic.

Serving Edgefield, McCormick & Saluda Counties  

Disposal Facilities: Transfer Station

All Municipal Solid Waste (garbage) is taken to the Tri-County transfer station where it is compacted and loaded on large trailers. This is done usually when the community is a long distance from a landfill.

The transfer station is located at 14 Transfer Drive, Johnston, SC 29832, which is approximately 43 miles from Three Rivers landfill and is located on the Savannah River Site in Jackson, SC. The below photo gallery shows some of the activities conducted at the Transfer Station facility.

Disposal Rates

MSW $44 per ton, C&D $35 per ton, $65 Special Handling fee will be applied to all loads requiring sorting and/or interruption of normal operations.