Until further notice, we have postponed the collection of plastic at all of our centers because of the Covid19 pandemic.

Serving Edgefield, McCormick & Saluda Counties  

Disposal Facilities: Construction/Demo Landfill


LANDFILL IS NOW PERMANENTLY CLOSED. Call the Transfer Station at 803-275-5608 for C&D Disposal Options.

Construction and demolition (C&D) debris is the waste generated from the construction, remodeling, repair and deconstruction of homes, buildings, roads, bridges as well as drainage and sewage systems.

C&D debris often consists of bulky materials. C&D debris may include bricks, concrete, wood, asphalt (from shingles and roads), glass, metal, plastic, plumbing fixtures and gypsum (the main material of drywall) and roofing as well as debris associated with land clearing and natural disasters. The facility also accepts yard waste including limbs, logs, leaves and brush. The below photo gallery shows various photos of the landfill.