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Used Motor Oil Recycling & More

Used Motor Oil, Oil Filters and Motor Oil Bottle Collection Sites
Farmer Oil Collection Program l Oil/Gasoline Mixtures Collection Program
What CAN and CANNOT go into used motor oil, farmer oil, oil/gasoline collection tanks?
The Proof is in the Numbers

Used Motor Oil Recycling and More

In South Carolina, used motor oil must be recycled. It’s the law. The S.C. Solid Waste Policy and Management Act of 1991 (Act) banned the disposal of motor oil in municipal solid waste (MSW) landfills after May 27, 1992. The Act prohibits the disposal of oil into sewers, drainage systems, septic tanks, surface water or groundwater and on the ground. The Act also prohibits the use of oil for road oiling, dust control, weed abatement and other uses that have the potential to harm the environment.

If you have your oil changed for you (at a car dealership, garage or quick lube), your used motor oil is recycled by that business. If you are a do-it-yourselfer (DIYer – an individual who changes oil in a personal vehicle), you must recycle that used motor oil. In addition, you should recycle the used oil filter and motor oil bottles. If you have any questions about South Carolina's successful used motor oil recycling program, click here.

Used Motor Oil, Used Oil Filter and Motor Oil Bottle Collection Sites

There are 19 collection sites for used motor oil recycling. In addition, they also accept used oil filters and motor oil bottles for recycling. Click here for a list of recycling sites and what is collected in your county.

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Farmer Oil Collection Program

This program is designed to assist farmers generating 25 gallons of used motor oil per month or less. Each county has one designated site for farmer oil. Click here for a list of recycling sites and what is collected in your county.

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Oil/Gasoline Mixtures Collection Program

Currently, there are four collection sites in the Tri-County area for all/gasoline mixture. Click here and select the county where you live for a list of recycling sites and what is collected in your county.

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What CAN and CANNOT go in used motor oil, farmer oil and oil/gasoline collection tanks?

The following petroleum products are ACCEPTABLE in collection tanks:

* motor oil;
* heating oil;
* automatic transmission fluid;
* gear oil;
* diesel fuel;
* power steering fluid;
* fuel oil;
* kerosene; and
* hydraulic fluid.

The following liquids are NOT ACCEPTABLE in collection tanks:

* water;
* refrigeration oil;
* antifreeze;
* brake fluid;
* paint thinner/Varsol;
* any solvent or cleaner;
* any substance used to clean paint brushes; and
* gasoline (accepted in oil/gasoline tanks only – see above for locations near you).

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The Proof is in the Numbers

Do-it-yourself (DIY) oil changers in South Carolina recycled 1,002,006 gallons of used oil in 2006. This marks the eighth consecutive year that more than 1 million gallons were collected, according to figures released by the Office. Since the used oil recycling program began in 1990, DIYers have recycled more than 13 million gallons of used oil. In addition, DIYers continued to recycle used oil filters and oil bottles in most counties.

1,147,500 GALLONS
1,160,865 GALLONS
1,142,199 GALLONS
1,164,835 GALLONS
1,066,336 GALLONS
1,002,006 GALLONS
1,000,527 GALLONS


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