Until further notice, we have postponed the collection of plastic at all of our centers because of the Covid19 pandemic.

Serving Edgefield, McCormick & Saluda Counties  

Residential Recycling: What is the best way to prepare my recyclables?

It’s great that you want to recycle, but a couple of simple tips will help you recycle the right way.

  • Please DO NOT include plastic deli trays, lids or covers or microwaveable trays, lids or covers.
  • Throw away lids and caps.
  • Rinse bottles and cans.
  • Remove plastic bags and rubber bands from newspapers.
  • Flatten cardboard and plastic bottles.
  • Generally, you should not bag your recyclables.
  • Recycle only what your program accepts.

For general information on how to prepare your recyclables, click here to view the “Residential Recycling: Back to the Basics”. For specific information on what is acceptable for recycling in your county, click here.

Remember, quality is as important as quantity. It is better to leave an item out of a recycling container than to include one that does not belong. One wrong item can contaminate a whole load of recyclables.