Until further notice, we have postponed the collection of plastic at all of our centers because of the Covid19 pandemic.

Serving Edgefield, McCormick & Saluda Counties  

Recycling Facilities:
Recovered Materials Baling Operation (RaMBO)

Recyclables collected at the counties recycling centers are transported to the Recovered Materials Baling Operation (RaMBO) where they are baled for market. The recyclables are sold to companies who process the materials and make them into new products while the garbage goes to a MSW landfill. Comingled recyclables collected in the towns of Edgefield, Johnston and Saluda are taken to the city of North Augusta's Material's Recovery Facility (MRF) where are they are hand sorted and prepared for market.

As you will notice from the photo gallery below, we do not hand sort materials. Our method of collection relies on the pre-sorting of recyclables by the public which drastically reduces required process labor. Below you will see photos of the baling process.